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Ocean Tracking Network Publié : le 9 Fév 2018
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The Ocean Tracking Network (OTN) is a rapidly growing component of the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission’s Global Ocean Observing System that focuses on tagging and tracking the movements of a range commercial and endangered marine species in the context of changing ocean climate.  Although it has partners on every continent, it is headquartered in Halifax because several manufacturers in the region have focused on delivering data from continental shelves using a common, unique acoustic technology developed here by the Vemco Division of AMIRIX Systems Inc.

Tâches et responsabilités

The successful candidate will assist with the general activities of the OTN technical field team. These may include:

  • preparation of large numbers of instruments and mooring mounts for deployment;
  • post-recovery data harvesting and submission for inclusion in the OTN data warehouse;
  • cleaning, re-batterying, closing and configuring the instruments;
  • planning and logistics for upcoming field work;
  • collaborating with partners and suppliers;
  • assisting with scientific administration/research;
  • assist with recording metadata pertinent to each recovery/deployment, completing and submitting OTN metadata forms and spreadsheets, and organizing and submitting data files;
  • general workshop duties, (e.g. organize, clean);

There may be opportunities for the successful candidate to go to sea and assist technicians with deployment and recovery of the scientific moorings; and become familiar with OTN’s fleet of autonomous vehicles and to liaise with the OTN glider team including potential for wave glider pilot training and wave glider piloting.

These are complex, interesting and important tasks with growing potential for technical jobs around the world with OTN Partners and for advanced research using OTN data.  It may be possible to work with OTN for more than one work term, so that you can accumulate a broader range of skills.  Each term would begin with a training period with OTN field, data management and administrative staff, as well as with local manufacturers, and end with practical experience working with these OTN teams. OTN is a diverse team, so we encourage students to develop a broad range of skills to suit OTN Partners around the world.

Connaissances et compétences

1) Students will acquire a wide range of practical skills working on a daily basis with highly trained OTN technical/research staff.

2) They will have possible opportunities to gain at sea experience which is an important advantage for future employment for Marine Biology/Ocean Tech Students.

3) They will interface with engineers and staff of OTN industrial partners, who are potential future employers.

4) They will work with the latest prototypes of these companies’ new instruments, putting them “ahead of the game” with advanced skills.

5) They will interface with international partners, demonstrating that they have the skills of potential use to the partners, opening opportunities to travel and gain global experience – oceans are more similar globally than land.

Scolarité requise

This opportunity is available for university students working towards a degree in marine biology, ocean science and technology.

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