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Science Discovery Zone Published: January 6, 2018
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This internship involves the coordination of a large-scale developmental and interdisciplinary project towards the production of light-harvesting molecules for dye-sensitized solar cell (DSSC) applications. This collection of trainee-driven synthetic projects would enable the production of next-generation photovoltaics. The trainees will be taught to think critically, to follow the scientific method, and to present their work in patents and scholarly publications. In this internship, the research facilitator will collaborate with the Science Discovery Zone, a Ryerson University-based incubator, to deliver resources in a timely manner. The facilitator will coordinate with industry partners to determine research demands and will manage the progress of all projects towards these goals. The research facilitator will be given projects to complete during this internship as well. This includes the synthesis of complex molecules and the design and testing of synthetic methodologies.

Duties and responsibilities

The intern’s responsibilities include training students how to use various research instruments and routine laboratory techniques; organizing teams; instructing trainees in proper laboratory practices and etiquette while focus on Green Chemistry principles; ordering of chemicals and maintaining the inventory; documenting progress of projects; facilitating and promoting leadership in a safe and clean laboratory environment.

The research facilitator will oversee the preparation of organic dyes for next-generation solar cell applications. This involves the synthesis of novel molecules and their characterization using spectroscopy, electrochemistry, and small-scale solar cell simulations. The intern will be required to submit a comprehensive document that details all of the work that was completed during the term.

Knowledge and skills

The research facilitator must be closely familiar with the chemistry laboratory environment. They must also be adequately trained to be able to use all necessary instruments and have previous experience in organic synthesis. The research facilitator must have demonstrated leadership and a strong ability to supervise in their previous roles. Experience in research or lab-directed studies would be an asset.

The research facilitator is expected to improve their skills throughout this internship. For example, during their tenure they are expected to apply and hone the synthetic techniques which they have learned in their past roles. This position will give the research facilitator a unique opportunity to improve their leadership and supervisory skills as these projects demand a high level of attention and technical knowledge for fostering a successful research environment.

Education required

This position requires completion of a minimum of Master’s of Science degree in Chemistry. Previous experience in a synthetic research laboratory is also highly desired. Prior experience in a supervisory capacity is required.

Certification required

The research facilitator must have their EHS and WHMIS certifications.

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